40 R. Kelly Songs That Will Get Someone Pregnant


| December 9, 2013 - 5:03 pm

R. Kelly has compared women’s body parts to cars and cookies, he’s sung about doing it in various unfathomable places (including IHOP), and he’s christened himself a sex genius and a sex-a-saurus (which doesn’t exist). For two decades, he’s served as R&B’s unofficial midwife, responsible for bringing a lot of you babies into this world. Shut up and thank him now.

He’s made a lot of sex music, even if it goes without saying that every R. Kelly song these days is tainted with a grain of perversion. Since his latest album, Black Panties (in stores Dec. 10), finds him back on that good ole sex-n-B, we compiled his 40 greatest sex songs (Spotify playlist below) guaranteed to get someone pregnant. Caution: sexually explicit, inappropriate, hilarious content ahead.

Compiled by Clover Hope and Stacy-Ann Ellis