Preview: Que Showcases Creativity On ‘Who Is Que?’ Mixtape


| January 14, 2014 - 5:27 pm

Atlanta rap newcomer Que takes special care when coming up with song concepts. The man responsible for the bubbling trap hit “OG Bobby Johnson”—LeBron’s pre-game anthem—inspired by the classic film South Central, refuses to force creativity when it’s not there. On his intriguing upcoming mixtape Who Is Que?, he pulls inspiration from everywhere: nursery rhymes, YouTube, a Spike Lee joint.

“Most of my music comes from vibes,” reveals the raspy-voiced 23-year-old. “If the vibe ain’t right I’ll just chill for a minute instead of try to force it. Because when you try to make a hit, nine times out of 10, you’re not even going to come out with half a hit. I just have fun with it.”

While the Atlantic Records signee is tightlipped about the remix to “OG Bobby Johnson”—”It’s going to be a big surprise,” he insists—he’s still hard at work on the feature-light Who Is Que?, which is slated for a mid-February release. Sitting in a glass-walled conference room in VIBE’s NYC headquarters, Que gives a preview to his first full-length introduction to the world. —John Kennedy