V Sessions: Eric Bellinger Performs ‘I Don’t Want Her’


| March 7, 2014 - 2:00 pm

Eric Bellinger performs his hit single “I Don’t Want Her” in this installment of VIBE’s V Sessions. This go-to club banger is Eric’s first single off of his debut album The Rebirth. On his LP the track features Compton rapper Problem, but Bellinger decided to unplug and give it the solo a cappella treatment for V Sessions.

The Rebirth consists of 32 tracks, all written by Bellinger, that reflects back to old school ’90s R&B, but “I Don’t Want Her” was met with some mixed feelings when it came to the song’s lyrics.

“A lot of people took the song as I don’t want her, very literal,” Bellinger tells VIBE. “I got some people that love it, and I got some girls that were like, ‘Oh my God, he’s so shallow. If she’s not beautiful then he doesn’t want her. But, it’s not just the outer appearance. I feel like a woman’s confidence can come across from the way she walks, the way she enters a room. ” Bellinger says the song is about praising his woman, actually. “I’m someone who’s super secure and I feel like if you’re complementing my girl then you’re complementing me. So I want people to look at her, I want people to praise her.”

The Rebirth is available on iTunes now here.