Watch: Kanye West’s Full Speech At Adidas Global Brand Conference In Germany


| April 9, 2014 - 4:06 pm

Finally, Kanye West can just be himself.

The incomparable music mogul dished about his new YEEZIs shoe collection coming out in June at a recent Adidas brand conference.

“I don’t care how crazy I look to anyone as long as I can make the best product for all of you,” Kanye told an audience at the Adidas conference in Germany.

News of the YEEZIs collection comes after a year of hype for his fashion lines, like his instantly sold-out Nike shoe collection.

According to ‘Ye, the collaboration with Adidas offers him a fresh platform for uninhibited creativity. He described this dynamic in his iconic humblebragg-y way at the conference.

“I know it just looks weird when you see someone that’s so famous for one thing attempt to create in a different space…Today I’m not coming to you saying ‘Hey, I wanna be the next Walt Disney and the next Steve Jobs.’ … I’m saying with this opportunity to create I feel like I can be myself,” he said.

Watch the full speech above.