Premiere: We Are Noize Debuts ‘Run Da Sound’ Fronted By Maxim Of The Prodigy


| May 30, 2014 - 3:20 pm

Maxim rolls dolo from The Prodigy once again with a second trappety trap tune from his new collaborative project, We Are Noize. Their debut track “Dollar Flick” dropped on May 12, garnering attention from old-schoolers of the “jilted generation” and twerking 808-addicts of today alike.

VIBE has the exclusive premiere of “Run Da Sound,” next up off the EP from We Are Noize. While “Dollar Flick” built from brooding, dark undertones that fit Maxim’s swagger like a pimp to his cane, “Run Da Sound” wastes no time with sonic foreplay. Kicking off instantly on a high-octane and hi-hatted note, this one is a bit Noizier so put your headphones on and run da sound…