Michael Ealy Lands Lead Role in ‘A Civil Right’ Biopic


By: Sharifa Daniels / September 16, 2014

Michael Ealy A Civil Right

Michael Ealy will star in his first biographical feature, A Civil Right.

The green-eyed beaut lands the lead role as civil rights activist Dr. Gilbert Mason—a leader of nonviolent “wade-ins” against segregation. The film is set in Biloxi, Mississippi in the 1960s when his protests made history by becoming the first successful anti-discrimination suit against the state of Mississippi.

As a result, Dr. Mason landed on the FBI’s most-watched civil rights lists, but he still effectively fought for desegregation of the school system. He later became president for 30 years of the Mississippi NAACP before his death in 2006.

The A Civil Right biopic will be written and directed by Salvatore Stabile.