Amanda Bynes Wants to Murder Her Parents


By: Sharifa Daniels / November 17, 2014

Amanda Bynes

It’s very safe to say, Amanda Bynes needs to be locked away somewhere, anywhere after her latest episode. An audio was released over the weekend of Bynes telling a friend she wanted to murder her parents. It was made public via TMZ as a cry for help by her family. They are hoping someone will see the severity of the sick actress’ condition and step in to help her.

In the two-part audio, recorded secretly by her roommate, she’s over heard saying she wants to murder her father, “I don’t want to shoot my father in the face, and that’s why I said, I want to strip for him as a joke—nothing would give me greater pleasure of than slitting his throat.” Then she’s overheard saying she wants to slit her mother’s wrist, “I call my mom and threatened to kill her, slit her wrist, and burn down her house—quite frankly I never felt better.”

After the audio went public Amanda Bynes recanted the severity of her claims stating she wasn’t serious. In a serious of tweets she said, “I was obviously joking about hurting my family…” and “take what I say lightly because I am the nicest girl.”

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Photo Credit: Getty