Gentlemen’s Corner: Deion Sanders on Tracey Edmonds ‘She’s An Amazing Woman’


By: vibevixen / November 1, 2014

From scoring Super Bowl touchdowns to raising his own mini-football team of ten kids, Deion Sanders has always been a man that is up for a challenge.

Sanders and his team are returning to OWN for a second season of Deion’s Family Playbook after becoming the highest rated freshman docu-series in OWN history. In this new season we watch as family moves from North Dallas to South Dallas a.k.a “chocolate city” where they endure all the drama and love that every family has.

Vixens, mark your calendars as Deion’s Family Playbook returns with all-new epsiodes on Saturday, November 1 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Click next to check out our Vixen Chat we had with Mr. Sanders.

Photo Credit(s): OWN