Missouri KKK Threatens To Use ‘Lethal Force’ Against Ferguson Protesters


By: Iyana Robertson / November 15, 2014

A local Missouri chapter of the Ku Klux Klan recently distributed fliers around the St. Louis area in regards to Mike Brown protesters. In the message, the group refers to the demonstrators as “terrorists,” threatening to use “lethal force” against them, stating that they have “awakened a sleeping giant.”

Following the distribution of the fliers, MSNBC spoke with the leader of the KKK Missouri chapter Frank Ancona about the motivation behind their latest message, and the reception it has received. Stating that he decided to take action after supposed threats were made to white residents, Ancona defended the fliers as a statement of their “rights.”

“No, actually it’s addressing the people who are making these terroristic threats and letting them know that the people of Missouri have rights too,” he said.

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Meanwhile, residents of Ferguson await the grand jury’s decision on whether officer Darren Wilson will be indicted for killing unarmed 18-year-old, Mike Brown on Aug. 9. Police departments all over the nation are reportedly readying for widespread protests.