Twitter Reacts to the Smack Heard Around The World Video


By: Sharifa Daniels / November 10, 2014

Saturday, Nov 8, on the F train in NYC will forever go down as the day a smack was heard around the world.

An incident that makes the viral Sharkeshia video look like child’s play features a girl that learned the true meaning behind “keep your hands to yourself.” A girl is overheard berating an extremely tall man over his 8-ball jacket and trapper hat as her friends egg her own. He ignored her abuse as she moved on from him to the guy recording. Enraged that the cameraman disses her Steve Madden shoes, she smacks his phone out his hand, twice, before reverting her negative banter back to the tall guy. She hits the trapper hat guy with her heels, in which he lets his five fingers meet the side of her face and a huge brawl ensues.

After the scene settled down, the NY police arrested four suspects including the two that started the fight. Since it has happened, it has been a controversial topic, but Twitter found the humor in it all. Flip the page to check out Twitter’s reaction to the smack heard around the world.