Starbucks Bans Their Workers From Wearing Diamond Rings


By: Sharifa Daniels / November 5, 2014

We know who’s not here for cuffing season, Starbucks. The popular coffee chain is under fire for their latest dress code guidelines. In the new version the employees aren’t allowed to sport any ring that have gems in them to work. The reasoning behind this new notion is “food safety concerns.”

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Their infographic says, “Wearing a ring is okay if it’s a plain band, no stones. Unfortunately, no watches, bracelets or wristbands are allowed. Simple necklaces can be worn under your clothes.”

In other words, keep your accessory game to a minimum while in the presences of Joe.

The baristas are upset over the new ban because it’s largely targeting the women workers. Vixens, what’s your thoughts? Do you agree with the new ban or not?