Trina Is Way More Than Just ‘The Baddest Chick’ (But She’s Still That, Too)


By: VIBE Vixen / November 7, 2014

When you look at Katrina “Trina” Taylor, you’re going to need to look beyond the sex-charged lyrics of her 2008 house party staple, “Look Back At Me.” Over the course of her 15 plus years in the industry, the Miami-bred femcee has transcended the confines of the raunchy rap persona often thrusted upon her. Not only is she a consistent rapper, but she’s a newly independent artist, the CEO of her own label, a clothing line designer, an entrepreneur, a future TV star and an overall domestic woman. But most of all, Trina’s a little misunderstood.

“I think [there's a] missing section that people don’t really know or get about me because they’re so used to seeing ‘Da Baddest Chick,'” she says. Her sixth studio album—which she plans to drop at the top of 2015—promises a bit of clarity on her evolution.

She stopped by on a rainy afternoon to explain how different her new LP will sound from the rest of her discography, exploring pop music, how unfazed she is by the French Montana situation and the need for solidarity between female rappers. —Stacy-Ann Ellis (@stassi_x)

Photo Via VIBE

VIBE: Your latest single “F**k Love” just got the visual treatment and it looks intense. Talk a little about it.
Trina: I usually like to be involved, but this particular time, I just wanted to see where [the director] would go with it. I’ve never done a video where I don’t really perform in the video, like I’m not saying a word. So it’s just the storyline and it’s basically sweet revenge. You know how when they say you can make a girl but you can’t tell that she’s mad because she still has a smile and acting like nothing is the matter? That’s me in the video. I’m basically walking around the house and putting on make-up and I got this little smirk. My face is very serious, I get in the car and I’m driving, just driving around and you can see the intensity in my face. It’s one of those things where I’m hurt but I’m going to get you.

It’s scary, almost.
Yeah it’s almost like a scary movie trying to get to the end part and you don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s dark in a way. My revenge is that I was probably hurt in the beginning but now you’re going to pay. You know? And you probably never saw it coming. We get to the end and I’m driving and all you can see is what I’m doing. You see me shoveling, you see me digging, you see me real aggressive. Then like you see two body bags on the floor and you don’t really know how they got there because you didn’t really see it. It’s the mysteriousness of somebody getting you back. You don’t know how they did it or how they was going to end up that way. Sweet and simple, just like sweet revenge.

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