Uber And Spotify Have Let Their Powers Combine To Create A Glorious Partnership


By: / November 18, 2014

Hailing a regular yellow taxi is so 90s.

For all the cool kids who need to get from point A to point B, Uber is fast becoming the go-to means of transportation. However, there’s nothing worse than hopping in your Uber and then having to listen to Barry Manilow’s Greatest Hits because your driver was in his feelings.

Well the good folks over at Spotify decided to change that. In a partnership that could very well change our traveling experiences. passengers can now link their Spotify accounts to their Uber, allowing for the smoothest of rides. The announcement was made Monday (Nov. 17) and the partnership will go live Nov. 21 in select cities.

But don’t get too hyped, there’s always a catch. To begin, you have to flag down a Spotify-enabled Uber driver and while we here at Vibe thoroughly encourage you blastin’ anyone of the Hot N***a Remixes, the driver will have control over the volume.

So yeah, this is pretty much the bees-knees. Peep the introductory video below.