Calvin “Klein” Bacote Says He Predicted Biggie’s Death?


By: / January 12, 2015

Notorious hustler-turned-motivational speaker, Calvin “Klein” Bacote chopped it up with Vlad TV about his relationship with producer Lance “Un” Rivera, seeing the Notorious B.I.G. hustle, and regrets of not having Biggie and Jay Z battle.

Also during the sit-down, Klein spoke about predicting B.I.G’s death, and debating with Un about who’s the better MC, Jay or Big.

“Me and Un used to go back and forth because I used to always rep Jay real hard,” Klein said. “I used to have a lot of basement tapes with Jay, and Big Daddy Kane, or Jay and Jaz O. I was always the guy who had one of them hard systems that come through knocking, killing the block, and I’d be rocking some Jay. I’m playing it one day on Fulton, and they like, ‘Yo, who that?’ And, I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s my man Jay Z and can’t nobody in Brooklyn fuck with this kid.’ And, that’s when Un would come up and say Big is this, Big is that.”

He continued, “I kind of regret the day that when me and Un would go back and forth that I didn’t bring Jay around for them to actually battle.”

Klein added that he predicted Biggie’s death after hearing, “Going Back To Cali.”

Peep the entire interview above.