Lupe Fiasco Says F*ck MLK and Swears Off Twitter


By: Samantha Callender / January 16, 2015

After going in on Martin Luther King Jr. and defending Iggy Azalea, Lupe Fiasco has sworn off Twitter. In a rant on January 13, Fiasco claimed that he’s done with dealing with “pure hatred and negativity” and will no longer be “addressing the public directly.”

Lupe first faced heat from the social media community when he chose to defend Iggy Azalea, though made it known that he preferred to stay out of the spotlight. But soon, he found himself being the victim of backlash and mentions full of negative comments that prompted the rant on the 13th.

“When you get the chance look at my timeline. It’s like looking into Dante’s Inferno. The raw pure hatred and negativity. I see it everyday,” he tweeted. From there, his timeline exploded, with him addressing everything from humanity in general, to the works of the late MLK, “F*ck Martin Luther King, N*gga F*ck Change”.

Scroll through for a look at some of the Chicago rapper’s last words on social media (for now).

All Images Via Twitter