MC Lyte Weighs In On Iggy Azalea: ‘She Is A Fan Of Hip-Hop’


By: / January 11, 2015

With Iggy Azalea remaining a hot topic of discussion, femcee pioneer MC Lyte recently weighed in on the controversy surrounding the Grand Hustle first lady. Alluding to the backlash the Aussie rapstress has received of late, the Lyte As A Rock veteran remarked that she believed that Iggy Azalea was a true hip-hop fan. Citing her global appeal, MC Lyte mirrored sentiments of Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco, and, who have all defended Iggy in recent weeks.

“What I think about her is that she is a fan of hip-hop,” she told Hello Beautiful. “I’ve heard her on a few interviews and I know who she is in terms of having traveled abroad since I was 17, 18 years old. And there are people of all colors that love hip-hop. When she says that she is a lover of this culture, I believe her.”

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MC Lyte also offered her opinion on Iggy Azalea’s fellow rapstress, Nicki Minaj. Applauding the Young Money first lady’s skills in business, she also answered whether or not the masses can expect a MC Lyte/Nicki Minaj collaboration in the future.

“I think Nicki is a great business woman. And I think she came at the right time,” she said. Even guys from camps who had female MCs in their camp, abandoned their female MC to have Nicki on their tracks. To have a crew of people around you that really believe in what it is that you’re doing, that can provide the support and give you the push and the promo is everything. Would I ever do a record with Nicki? I don’t know. We’d have to agree upon our subject matter.”

Watch MC Lyte’s full commentary in the video above.