Phylicia Rashad Clarifies Her Statements on Cosby


By: VIBE Vixen / January 8, 2015

The Cosby Show

The internet was abuzz yesterday after reports surfaced that Phylicia Rashad had shared her thoughts of the ever developing Bill Cosby scandal.

Having been quoted as telling a reporter from Showbizz 411 in regards to the over 15 women who have come forward and accused Cosby of sexual assault, “Forget these women. What you’re seeing is the destruction of a legacy. And I think it’s orchestrated. I don’t know why or who’s doing it, but it’s the legacy. And it’s a legacy that is so important to the culture,” many were in arms about her seemingly dismissive and defensive attitude.

However in an interview this morning with ABC’s Linsey Davis, Rashad clarifies her statements, “And that was a misquote.” She told Davis. “And that is not what I said, what I said is this is not about the women this is about something else…This is about the obliteration of legacy …. I am a woman. I would never say such a thing.”

While Rashad said some of her comments were taken out of context, she does want him to judged and viewed fairly in the eyes of the public, reminding us that “What has happened is, declaration in the media of guilt without proof.”

Rodger Friedman, the writer at Showbizz 411 who had intially quoted Rashad, also took the time to clarify the conversation between he and Phylicia. A post by Friedman late last night reveals that Rashad wasn’t misquoted per se, but that her words were taken out of context:

“I did not misquote Phylicia Rashad. But she didn’t mean for it to be taken the way it was, and I should have punctuated. There was NEVER the meaning in ‘Forget those women’ that she was saying to actually forget or dismiss then. She meant, ‘those women aside’– as in, she’s not talking about that, she’s talking about Cosby’s legacy being destroyed. It was conversational. Somehow this got twisted. I am really sorry if the way I presented it made it seem like either one of us was forgetting anyone.”

Recently, two women joined a defamation suit against Cosby, though no charges against him have yet to be filed by any accuser, as most of the accusations are dated.