Super Bowl For What? The 2015 Game Day Commercials


By: Iyana Robertson / February 1, 2015

Everyone has their respective reasons for tuning into the Super Bowl. While the majority of viewers actually care about which team will win, others are just there for the halftime show, wings and commercials.

We can’t replace Katy Perry and Missy Elliott, or offer you a suitable alternative to chicken, but we can put all the ads that will air during this year’s game (that have been released) in one place. From celebrity cameos featuring Kim Kardashian, Common and Tony Romo to hard-hitting domestic violence PSAs, here are the TV spots that will air during the Seahawks and Patriots’ big face off.

Press play below:

NO MORE: Domestic violence campaign

Nationwide Insurance: “Make Safe Happen”

Chevrolet: 4G LTE WiFi

Bud Light: “Real-Life Pac Man”

Victoria’s Secret

Furious 7 Trailer

Microsoft: “Braylon O’Neill” (feat. Common)

Terminator Genisys Movie

T-Mobile: “Sarah Silverman & Chelsea Handler for Wi-Fi Calling”

Mercedes-Benz: “Fable”

Budweiser: “Lost Dog”

Carl’s Jr.: Carl’s Jr. Charlotte McKinney All-Natural “Too Hot For TV”

BMW i3: “Newfangled Idea” (feat. Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel)

Snickers: “The Brady Bunch”

McDonald’s “Pay With Lovin’”

Newcastle: Aubrey Plaza Prepares America for Newcastle’s Band of Brands

T-Mobile: “Data Vulture”

mophie: “All Powerless”

Nissan: “Roman Atwood Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!”

Skittles: “It Will Be Settled” “Know A Guy”

Fiat: The Fiat Blue Pill”

Squarespace: “The Cliff –”

Kia: “The Perfect Getaway” (feat. Pierce Brosnan)

Esurance: “Behind-The-Scenes With Lindsay Lohan”

Pizza Hut: “Crust Flavor Challenge” (feat. Tony Romo and Rex Ryan)

Nationwide Insurance: “Invisible Mindy Kaling”