Max B Speaks On Chinx’s Murder: ‘We Lost Another Young, Inspiring Brother’


Iyana Robertson | May 20, 2015 - 10:56 am

In the wake of the murder of Chinx this past Sunday (May 17), the Coke Boys rapper’s mentor Max B spoke on the tragedy from NJ State Prison. Currently serving out a 75-year sentence, Max B spoke on what he calls a “senseless tragedy” in a brief call obtained by Revolt.

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“I don’t know if people realize how close we was and sh–. Like we all used to be in my crib, French, me, him… I’d be with Chinx every day, Chinx used to spend the night at my joint,” he said. “We used to be making music and shit. People really don’t hear us on songs together because at the time he used to come stay in my spot, I was on trial, so I was goin’ through my own shit, I was stressed out, I wasn’t really making no music when I had started trial. So that’s the only reason people don’t hear us on songs together.”

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Max B was sentenced to 75 years in prison back in 2009 for his role in an armed robbery and kidnapping that led to a murder. Last year, CEO of Amalgam Digital, Anyextee commented that the rapper may be released in 2016.

Listen to Max B’s comments on the death of Chinx in the video below.