Actor Who Played Zack Morris Says ‘Saved By The Bell’ Was Not A Good Show

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Adelle Platon / June 6, 2012

The ‘90s high school show “Saved By The Bell” should automatically ring in your head. Though many of today’s generation will attest to being glued to the television whenever reruns are on, it seems the show’s main character is not really a fan. “It’s not a great show,” Mark-Paul Gosselaar, also known as Zack Morris, told Yahoo! News. “The writing is kind of hokey… it’s very much a piece of that time.” The 38-year-old actor who now plays a lawyer on TNT’s “Franklin & Bash” says his role as Zack from 1988-94 helped him learn a lot. “It taught me to have a strong work ethic, and to take it very seriously. Even though we had fun, the one thing the producers instilled in us is that this is a business,” Gosselaar said. The relic blonde hottie has taken that experience to rack up an impressive acting career including a four-season stint as Detective John Clark on ABC’s “NYPD Blue.” The “Bell”s success was mostly because of its syndication years later but Gosselaar said that they were close to the chopping board every time. “We just thought we were doing a small little Saturday morning show and no one was watching,” he reminisces. “We were almost canceled every season. So we never got big heads.” The most important lesson Morris learned from being saved by the bell: “You can still have all your fun, but you have to do your job, and then you can reap all the benefits at the end.” Watch Mark-Paul Gosselaar re-play Zack Morris on the “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” show below.