Benzino Speaks On Boston Marathon Bombing: ‘Boston People Are Strong, We’ll Get Through This’


/ April 15, 2013

Three massive explosions rocked the Boston Marathon this afternoon, leaving two dead and an estimated 100 injured, according to the Boston Globe.

As updates from the tragic bombing continue to unfold, the hip-hop community has already responded. Benzino, Boston-born rapper and reality TV star of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, was stunned at first hearing the news, phoning friends and family in the area to check in.

“The JFK Library [where a third explosion took place] is actually close to Hollow Point Projects, were I grew up,” Benzino tells VIBE. [Update: The fire at the JFK Library was not related, according to the AP] “I just hope the death toll stays low. Boston people are strong; American people are strong. We’ll get through this.”

‘Zino remembers childhood memories of Patroit’s Day in Boston, when he’d wait at the finish line of the annual race.

“My mother used to work at the Prudential Building,” says Benzino. “Back in the day, [Prudential] used to sponsor the marathon. That’s before people were getting paid, they just ran for the clam chowder at the end. It was a tradition. It’s unfortunate. All [the bombing] is going to do is put in extra security. Our freedoms and our privacies are definitely going to be different from now on.”

Despite the tragedy, Benzino is keeping a positive outlook.

“All my thoughts and prayers go out to everybody in Boston,” he says. “You just gotta be strong and just keep the faith.”

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