C Notes: Mista “Blackberry Molasses”


Clover Hope / January 22, 2010

Not every R&B song is about being head over heels in love or coping with heartache. Young yet insightful, Mista–the Atlanta group that spawned Bobby Valentino–put the blues in R&B with their 1996 single, “Blackberry Molasses.” Subdued, with spare instrumentation, the near acapella song commences with Bobby V’s haunting vocals and lyrics full of despair: “I know I gotta be strong, gotta hold on, sometimes I’d rather give up instead/Seems like I’m better off dead.” But doom and gloom aside, there’s a keep-on-trucking message in the end: “Still life goes on if you just keep holding on.”



Clover Hope is a senior editor at VIBE with a love jones for rhythm and blues.