Cassie Talks ‘RockaByeBaby’ Mixtape, Finding Her New Sound and Karrueche


Vibe / April 11, 2013

Picture it, if you will: Cassie and new gal-pal Karrueche sitting pretty in a drop-top lowrider (door-knocker earrings included). Throw in the breezy Left Coast’s sunshine and urban chic style cues for good measure. Got it? That was the Bad Boy princess’ vision for “Paradise,” the second Alex Nazari-directed visual off RockaByeBaby. “I just wanted to get into that L.A. vibe. The old school Impala, us chilling on the shoot,” she tells Vixen. “It was really a fun video to make because we were all hanging out.”

Outside of chucking the deuces at NYC for green-loving Cali, the half-shaven femme has altogether conjured up a soft barely-above-a-whisper sound that reinforces her penchant for laid back moods and chill amusement. Post self-titled debut LP, Miss Ventura was on a search for the confident tunes she notes on this ‘tape and are still being fine-tuned the day before its release. “I was actually recording until 4 o’clock trying to do final touches. I’ve become like a crazy person,” she laughs. “I know my engineer wants to kill me.”

Ever the perfectionist (something she picked up from Puff, perhaps?), the model chanteuse details her creative process for RockaByeBaby, nailing her new sound and why changing her hairstyle isn’t as easy as it sounds.

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