DMX’s Publicist Says He Was Mislead By X’s Alleged Fiancée


Vibe / June 23, 2011

VIBE has been closely following DMX as he’s been coming to terms with life, during his time in prison. X has sworn to be on the straight and narrow path for good, with talks ranging from a new album to the possibly of a reality show after his release on July 13th.

However, while things are going well for Earl “DMX” Simmons on the inside, there is some drama heating up on the outside surrounding his camp and alleged fiancée’, model, Yadira Borrego.

Domenick Nati, the president of Public Relations Firm & Talent Representation Agency, Nati Celebrity Services in California has reported to have been duped by DMX’s alleged fiancée, after talking to her about plans to revive his career after his release.  The representative stated that she was very corporative and supportive, stating many times that X wasn’t under and management and she had authorization for both of them.  Yadira also reported that X himself thought the talent agent representative “seemed like a nice guy” after he received a letter from the agency in jail.

Now that X and Yadira are no longer together, the representative reported that the agency is now receiving backlash due to a false press release that was circulated citing the two were in a relationship and hinted at plans following his release that included talks with BET for his reality show, under the impression that they were DMX’s official management. However, a woman soon surfaced reporting that she is the rapper’s actual manager and has been for the past two years. In the midst of everything, the representative had this to say:

“The bottom line is, we’ve been lied to. Either this manager is lying and she doesn’t really represent X or Yadira’s lying and their broke up, or X is mad because he heard she’s up at the club so he called her out. We have a spotless reputation in sports and entertainment and now we’re being accused of writing a press release that is false and untrue.”


Despite the controversy surrounding the California agency and the lies and confusion involving Yadira, the representative stated that the company is still very interested in representing DMX after his release but will not overstep boundaries if he’s already covered. Tyler McDermott


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