The Goods: Free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s: We’re Lovin’ It!


Vibe / January 21, 2010

So, there is such a thing as a free lunch. Well, sorta. While you’ll still gonna have to throw down at least a buck for something off the Dollar Menu if you’re hungry, you’re now free to sit and use free Wi-Fi at 11,500 of the 14,000 Mickey D’s locations nationwide (Sidebar: Doesn’t it seem like there are way more than 14,000 McDonald’s in this country?!). Though you previously had to throw down $2.95 for two hours of Internet access at the fast food joint, Wi-Fi is now completely free to use. And, best of all, you don’t even actually have to order anything to check your email, download a quick file or, you know, hang out all day downloading Gucci Mane’s entire discography. Still, while free Internet might be good for you, we can’t say the same for this. Find a McDonald’s offering Wi-Fi in your area by clicking here. ––Chris Yuscavage