The Goods: One Pair Of Headphones You Definitely Don’t Need Right Now


By: Vibe / January 16, 2010

Usually, we like to endorse headphones in this space. Not today. See, while Apple’s iPod earbuds are, at best, acceptable for casual music fans, and earbuds like the $6,400 iDiamond Ear are ridiculous and, at the very least, entertaining, the brand-new Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors are just downright unnecessary. For starters, they cost a whopping $1,350. Each of the earbuds also contains six speakers that, for all intents and purposes, are designed to make you deaf to the rest of the world. And to make ’em fit, right? You’ve gotta make a special trip to the audiologist to get ’em customized to fit your ears. Okay, okay, so, in fairness, these are probably for the folks who are really serious about the music biz. But all of this technology begs the question: Rather than come up with these grandiose styles for new headphones, why can’t someone just create a pair that lasts longer than six months?! —Chris Yuscavage