Gregor Salto Talks Chugging With Tiësto, Afrojack’s Studio Secrets


/ March 15, 2013

Latin infused and tribal to the core, house music producer-DJ Gregor Salto is an artist that goes the extra mile to make people dance. With an extensive US and Canadian tour that stretches through the end of March, VIBE caught up with Salto to chat, animal sounds, Usher and the importance of working hard to achieve your goals. It’s all about the rhythm when Gregor takes to the decks, and dance music tourists need not apply; unless they are ready for a serious staycation.

VIBE: If you could compare your music to an animal sound, what would it be and why?
Gregor Salto: The shout of a monkey—that to me is the sound of tropical nature. I like the drums and rhythms come from that same place so much. Plus there’s not that much difference between monkeys and us.

You’ve just announced that you will be extending your North American tour. What’s the main difference you’ve noticed between European and American audiences?
Clubs in the same city can have a totally different vibe, so comparing one continent to another is almost impossible. However, I notice that in some European countries people have gotten so used to electronic dance music that it doesn’t surprise them as much as before. Many of my Dutch colleagues say that if you can move a dutch crowd you can move any crowd. In the US, where the new EDM scene is relatively young, people just go more crazy.

What are your main goals while performing/hanging out at Ultra Music Festival this year?
Showing people that my sound is very danceable but quite different from what most European house DJs do. Apart from that, I just wanna meet a lot of people, dance and have fun!

What’s your drink of choice while performing (if water, any particular brand)?
Water. Although, once I was invited to warm up for Tiësto in Ibiza. He had loads of cold coconut juice backstage and I must say that’s a very nice drink when you’re sweating in a hot club.

You’ve collaborated with a lot of notable DJs and producers during your career. Were there any in particular that stood out most to you?
I’ve been in the studio with most big Dutch dance producers. I’ve learned from each experience. Laidback Luke, Chocolate Puma, Afrojack, Nicky Romero, Funkin Matt, Chuckie, Wiwek, Mastik, Nari & Milani, Olav Basoski and more. They all have their own way of making a track. So far, I was most impressed by Afrojack because he manages to come with a good and creative result just so quickly. I’m not saying he’s better than the others, but he does manage to get cool things done at an incredible speed.

Who would you want to collaborate with next? Any rappers or singers?
Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Beyonce. Usher would be nice too; “Climax” was one of my fave tracks last year.

What advice do you have for an aspiring DJ/producer starting out?
Work hard, study hard. Work harder, study harder. Everybody wants to be a producer-DJ. You gotta come up with something DIFFERENT to stand out. If you do your best long enough, you will.

March Tour Dates:
7 L.E.D. Vancouver Canada
9 Empire Ballroom Edmonton Canada
10 Muzique Montreal Canada
14 Dagobert Quebec Canada
15 Riff Raffs New York
16 Temple San Francisco
17 National Hotel Miami, R3hab & Friends
19 Nikki Beach, Miami Massive
21 National Hotel Miami, Mixmash
22 Ultra Music Festival, Jacked stage
23 Voyeur San Diego