Kobe Bryant Overshares on Instagram: “Still Gotta Wash My Ass”


/ April 21, 2013

When Kobe Bryant joined Twitter in January, fans caught a more introspective Black Mamba tweeting about his highs and woes, on and off the court.

Since, the embattled Lakers star has increased his social media savvy and also joined the popular photo sharing platform Instagram, as well. The first photo Kobe shared on Instagram was a picture of himself about to receive an MRI, a day after ending his playing season due to a torn achilles. Most of Kobe’s filtered photos have centered around the injury that many believe may have cost the Lakers their title hopes.

Earlier this morning, the 34-year-old shared a pic of his bandaged up knee with the caption: #sexynurse shower prepping the leg for me. Can’t get stitches wet but still gotta wash my ass #countonsoap.

Bryant, who celebrated his twelfth anniversary with his #sexynurse and wife Vanessa on Friday (April 19) has remained upbeat and motivated about his current situation. In his 17th season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe finished third in the league with (27.3) points-per-game.