Love & Hip-Hop’s Chrissy Talks Regrets, Egos And Spin-Off With Jim Jones (Cover Outtakes)

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/ June 10, 2012

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On why she signed up for Love & Hip-Hop
They offered Jimmy a show years ago and he wasn’t really interested. It was something that sparked my interest and I can’t even tell you why. It just felt like something fun or something I may be even be good at. There was another opportunity brought to me for a show with some other girls and it didn’t pan out. I came home upset and disappointed and Jimmy’s response was, “Well, if you really wanna do this reality TV thing, since they offered it to me, I’ll put a call in and see if they’re still interested.” That’s what happened. To be honest I didn’t look at it as shine because I had never done it before. I didn’t realize all that came with it. I was a person that did real estate and interior design for so long. I put it on the backburner to support him. So it was like how do I get started again for me and this looked like a great opportunity. I just had no idea it would be so intrusive.

On what she learned most about herself while filming
That I anger easily. I love hard so when I see somebody playing with me or someone that I love, I become an automatic protector. I didn’t know that about myself until I started watching the show. These are girls who I didn’t know that well. I was getting to know them as the cameras were rolling. I picked up on people who didn’t stand up for themselves; I picked up on people who were full of shit; I picked up on people who had good intentions but didn’t stand up for themselves.

On feeling like producers were setting her up
I was easily angered because I signed up for something that was supposed to be about girl power and women embracing each other in this crazy world of hip-hop; I thought it was gonna be more of a support thing instead of Gladiators. It felt like they would always bring somebody to challenge me, I would knock ‘em down, and they would bring somebody else. By the end of season two, I really felt like a Gladiator. They would go as far as telling the new girl: “Chrissy thinks she’s Queen Bee around here so we need you to step up because nobody here has a strong enough personality. So we need you to come in here and shut it down.” So they were feeding people this negative energy from the door. I have no reason to lie. I’ll say it whoever. It’s compromising to your soul because it’s like I didn’t sign up for this, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna allow somebody make a fool of me because the cameras are rolling.