Mila Kunis And The “Petrified” Journalist


Mikey Fresh / March 5, 2013

It seems actress Mila Kunis thoroughly enjoys chatting with average Joes.

In an interview with the UK’s BBC Radio 1, Kunis was probed by newbie personality Chris Stark for her upcoming role in “Oz the Great and Powerful.”Visibly nervous and star-struck during his first on-camera interview, Stark admitted to Kunis that he was “petrified.” Charming and reassuring, the actress proceeded with the exchange in jest, which led to quite the candid exchange between the two.

In a casual conversation about everything under the sun — from Jägerbombs, to soccer matches, to Baywatch — Kunis and Stark managed to deliver an entertaining interview. In an effort to briefly discuss her “Oz” character, the actress also spoke about how she perceived the role and her experience working with costar James Franco.