Miley Cyrus Tells Harper’s Bazaar: ‘I’m On a Whole Other Level of Sh*t’


Mikey Fresh / September 17, 2013

Her chances at a Vogue cover may be slim to none, but Miley Cyrus continues to dominate magazine covers well through the end of 2013. The blonde bombshell is Harper Bazaar’s latest covergirl and inside, she’s less than modest when talking about her come up in the fashion game.

“I feel like every girl is trying to have a beauty shot and prove that they’re ‘fashion.‘ But I can be in white leggings and a white sports bra and I’m on a whole other level of shit that those girls don’t even get yet because they don’t know how to do it.”

She’s also open about her struggles with the transition from child to adult star. Forced be an adult when she was “supposed to be a kid,” Miley says doing the complete opposite now is what makes her happy. In fact, she hopes other celebrities like Justin Bieber can learn from her journey so far.

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