Nipsey Hussle Releasing ‘The World’s First $100 Album’


/ October 5, 2013

In his attempt to hold on to his music, Prince once charged fans $1.77 to watch one of his music videos. It seemed a bit ridiculous at first, but then you eventually thought to yourself, “But, he’s motherfucking Prince!”

LA rapper Nipsey Hussle is attempting the unthinkable — selling physical copies of his upcoming Crenshaw mixtape for $100 each. Yep, one crispy Benjamin. Calling it “The World’s First $100 Album,” Nipsey is only producing 1000 physical units of the mixtape. (Simple math: If he sells them all he’s keen to make $100,000.) Nipsey reasons that “buying music is a choice not a requisite” these days. He’ll let fans make the choice in LA at the @YOUth Pop-Up Shop on Fairfax (see flier above), where the hard copies will be available starting on Oct. 8.

“The reason I chose to charge $100 dollars each copy and only start w 1000 units is because I’m tailor making my music for those who are listening,” Nipsey wrote in an official statement to RapRadar. “It’s not about stepping outside of what I’m known for in hopes of new discovery…That being said its a value over volume thing…if I’m goin to offer a product made with no compromise or concession to the platforms (radio, A&R opinion, label bias) ect…ect..then the way we sale it has to change.”

Nipsey is promoting the stiff price with the hashtag #PROUD2PAY. “As an artist my goal is to inspire…entertain…motivated…and most importantly INOVATE,” he argues. “And as lovers of art we should base our purchase on the artists ability to do so.”

He adds,”It ISN’T the price of the plastic case and polyurethane disc…it’s the price of Revolution! The price of Rebellion against an industry that has tricked us all into making products that have no soul for fear of not being heard if we don’t.”

For Nipsey’s full thoughts on the matter, head here.