Pardon The Introduction – Troy NōKA is L.A.’s One-Man-Band

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kholmes / January 24, 2012

If you’re an army brat then it’s not strange that someone who was born in Texas can also call Germany and everywhere else in between, “home.” It should also come as no surprise that said individual was immensely influenced by living in various places. That’s the remarkable case with Troy NōKA. We  first Troy NōKA as “T-Wiz,” a budding producer who slung beats for Chris Brown and close-friend, Frank Ocean. However, the LA-based, one-man-band is now preparing to step from behind the scenes to reveal himself as an artist under the new alias, “Troy NōKA,” by releasing his debut album, Free Dreaming. Here, he quickly breaks down, his worldly influences and why his album has no boundaries.

Free Dreaming to me means no limits,” says NōKA. “I never wanted to dream things that had definitive limits, like being a doctor or something. I’d rather dream about starting something like the Red Cross. That’s the way I want my music to be, limitless.” 

NōKA makes his official debut with his first visual for the album’s single titled “Right Now,” featuring T. Coles. The visual takes heavy inspiration and sources from a Nuit Blanche short film to create an intense viewing experience over the hazy orchestral vocals and steady 808 drums.

“My friend knows I love classic movies and French culture, so he sent me that video,” explained NōKA. “I happened to be working on the music at the same time and it just synced up perfectly visually and conceptually. The guy in the video is dreaming, he wanted to be with the woman right then, right now, now matter what.”

Free Dreaming is slated for a March release. If you like what you’re vibing to, take the audio experience to your headphone and download here and watch the video for the song below.