Rapsody Talks ‘She Got Game,’ Working With DJ Premier And Chance The Rapper


/ August 21, 2013

Peep the second Golden Era of Hip Hop and Rapsody stands quietly in the starting lineup. Or at least she should.

Drafted by hip-hop producer 9th Wonder, this femme fatale (all while reppin’ indie label Jamla on her back) is lyrically strong-arming her way off the bench, striving to sit with kings, namely Hov. “For him to do it from ’96 and still be at the top of the game,” she says, “I want to have that longevity, to create different businesses and still be relevant.” And with her fourth quarter offering She Got Game, hosted by DJ Drama for his Gangsta Grillz, spectators witness how the North Carolina-born MC can clutch a win.

Boasting collabs with newcomers Chance The Rapper and Ab-Soul, veterans Raekwon and Common and trading verses with frequent sparring partner Mac Miller–Rap reaffirms that she’s a legit contender to be noticed; a budding Cheryl Miller not to be dismissed or counted out.

As she prepares for the freelease of the ‘tape today (Aug. 20), Rapsody discusses her rookie season. –Niki McGloster (@missjournalism)

How was the process of making this EP different from Idea Of Beautiful?

Rapsody: This was the first project that I had the most fun making. I’ve been really hitting my stride. When Idea of Beautiful dropped, I really started to find my lane, so this project was so much easier.

So how did you connect with DJ Premier for “Kingship”?

Rapsody: I had never had a DJ Premier beat that was made for me. He’s on Return Of The B-Girl producing “I’m Ready,” but it was an old beat that he did and 9th redid it. But the last time we went to go see [Premier], he was playing a joint he made for Ludacris that he never used. We went up there with no intentions of getting a beat, just to hear stories, laugh and kick it. And he was just like, “You want this one?” It felt like it was written. Like it was supposed to be this way. That’s the greatest producer that ever lived. That’s DJ Premier.

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