Review: LL Makes Us Forget About ‘Accidental Racist’ On Action Bronson’s ‘Strictly 4 My Jeeps’ Remix


/ June 5, 2013

It’s a Queens thing on Action Bronson’s bruising remix for his break-beat throwback assault “Strictly 4 My Jeeps.” One of the stand-out representatives of New York’s next generation of spitters that includes the diverse grouping of artists like A$AP Rocky, Joey Badass, French Montana, and Roc Marciano, Bronson has become a rap geek darling. Comparisons to Ghostface Killah aside, the stout, red-hair lyricist is no fool. Bronson, who credibly rocks out on the remix to this buzz-heavy, underground punch-out (“The Jeep’s so big make you wanna take a shit in it,” the rotund MC humbly states), opens the gate right away for the legendary LL Cool J.

When last we heard from Ladies Love Cool James turned television actor, the rap icon was doing his best to take a squat on his game-changing legacy with his abhorrent collaboration with country music star Brad Paisley—“Accidental Racist.” I will spare you the well-covered details and just say this time around Uncle L did not equate the chains of slavery with B-boy jewelry. Instead, he comes up with a sneering verse that reminds both fans and the harshest critics why the man once held claim of G.O.A.T. rapper status.

This is the LL Cool J we’ve been waiting for: “Game estranged like blondes Ramadan fasting/Indoor pool look like Uncle Luke’s casting/Never too old to fly a fake bubble ass in.” G Unit refugee Lloyd Banks gets his assertive licks in as well, but really the old man turns back the clock. It’s as if the self-proclaimed “charismatic bastard” is stealing a late 80’s track from EPMD all over again (see “Rampage”). Call it a comeback? Yep.—Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)

Listen Below: