Usher Says He’s ‘The Black Larry David’: “My Humor Doesn’t Always Connect”


Iyana Robertson / March 26, 2013

Following his debut appearance as a judge on this season’s “The Voice,” Usher’s sit-down on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon aired last night (Mar. 25). During the short, quirky exchange, the singer revealed his offbeat sense of humor, talked it up about the show and a host of random topics.

“I wanted to just prepare you, because you guys are going to now get used to a different person,” Usher told Fallon. “ I’m kind of like — my humor doesn’t always connect. I kind of branded myself, like I’m the new Larry David, the black Larry David. I’m kind of misunderstood. I curb your enthusiasm.”

Ursh also talked joining “The Voice” panel alongside Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and fellow newcomer Shakira. Though he said that their humor helps his own, he also discussed the competition to coerce the show’s talent to join Team Usher.

“I’ve had a few dead, useless pitches to get a teammate, or either go after a teammate,” he admitted. “But that’s where it all happens, you know? You want to be their coach, but it doesn’t always work out. Sometimes it works in your favor, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Fallon shares one clip from the show, however, where Usher delivers a pretty swaggy pitch to a contestant. Check out the full interview.