VIBE’s Music Mixer App Update Is Here!

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Vibe / February 10, 2012

VIBE’s Music Mixer App Update Is Here!

VIBE is back with the newest update for the hottest free DJ mixing app on the market. With our version 1.6 (boasting over 15 new features) for your personal mix master missions, the app can now have you DJ with headphones and two devices over Bluetooth technology; no Wi-Fi required. There has also been an improvement in the audio output, which produces fewer lags and bufferingm making it Ideal for making those lighting sharp quick mix works of art. Other enhancements include increased stability; download queue management and display improvements (such as new audio metering and LED markings).

The VIBE Music Mixer app is super addictive and perfect for on-the-go travel, one-on-one fun, house parties and more. It’s prepackaged with tracks from Hyundai’s Re:Generation project, showcasing productions from DJ Premier & Nas, Mark Ronson, and Skrillex. Download it free for your iPad/iPhone, incorporate your personal iTunes library and hit us on Twitter (@VibeMagazine) or Facebook ( about your digital wheels of steel creations. GET IT NOW!

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