VIBE Fashion Files: Designer Nikki Chu of Oxygen’s Girlfriend Confidential LA


/ September 13, 2012

These days, reality shows are popping up faster than pimples. What’s new- the drama, the people and the themes are becoming united so much that I often get shows mixed up. So what makes Oxygen’s show, Girlfriend Confidential, different? Everything (thank God!). GC is a breath of fresh air for reality television and includes such an intricate group of women. Model Eva Marcille, Talent Manager Kelly Marie Dunn, Actress Denyce Lawton and well-known Designer, Nikki Chu.
Aside from being a part of GC, Nikki Chu, has made a name for herself one fashion gig at a time. In hopes of getting to know Nikki a bit better, we snuck in a quick Q&A!

Who is Nikki Chu?
Nikki Chu is an extremely creative, innovative and hardworking woman who is focused on being a great friend and inspiration to young women.
What does the Nikki Chu brand consist of?
I consider the “Nikki Chu Corporation” a design company. We do everything from interiors, custom furniture, pillows, fashion accessories and handbags. My passion is both lifestyle and fashion and my brand mission is to merge the two. I believe your home should reflect your fashion sensibility and your fashion should be reflected in your home. I use trends that are emerging in fashion and bring it into home décor or interior details such as wallpaper.
What made you want to dive into the creative field (fashion, art ect)?
I have been a creative kid all my life. When you are a designer, I believe you know it from a young age. I used to cut up all my clothes and make them into dresses or tops and I would move my furniture around in my bedroom every week to have a new layout. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be exactly, but it was definitely something in design. I went to art school and then to a boutique design college.
Tell us about Girlfriend Confidential and why you decided to join the cast.
I decided to join the cast because it was an amazing opportunity for my brand and the fact that I got to work with friends (was a plus). I also was excited because I knew we all had brands to protect and something to lose. So collectively we decided we were going to make it our goal to show the world that we don’t have to throw tables and drinks to make great TV and win. We can be classy, interesting and fun without all of the cliché ideas attached to reality TV. I want our cast to be an inspiration to young women and show the world that perhaps we can be the ones to shift the landscape of reality TV.
What sets you apart from your co-stars?
What sets me apart from my cast members is that I am the eldest of the group, I am from Toronto, Canada and I am a designer. What I will bring to the show is a woman who is a designer that is focused on finding balance between being a good friend, girlfriend and daughter. You don’t see too many women of color being represented as interior designers on TV. I hope to inspire young women who want to be top designers.

Tune in on Monday nights at 11:00 PM on Oxygen to see Nikki work!