Watch: Beyoncé In CNN’s ‘Leading Women’


/ April 25, 2013

Beyoncé continues to prove why she reigns as queen.

In a “Leading Women” special that aired Tuesday (Apr. 23), CNN named the “Grown Woman” singer one of the top females in entertainment as industry experts chimed in on Bey’s star power.

“Every time you see Beyoncé, every time you hear Beyoncé, you’re expecting to see or hear the best thing you’ve ever seen or heard,” Ne-Yo, the singer/songwriter who penned the 2006 chart topper “Irreplaceable,” explained.

CNN also focused on what makes the multi-million branding beast and new face of H&M a boss chick.

Gail Mitchell, Senior Editor of Billboard magazine said, “She had a dream, she envisioned it, hard work and dedication, and this is the result.”

Watch the segment here.

Beyoncé even gave a bit of insight on how she got where she is today, leaving us with words to inspire. “I grew up with a family that was successful, but not born successful,” she explained, “and I believe with hard work, and a goal, and love and positivity, then eventually, we’re going to be fine.”