Watch: Casey Veggies Talks Origins Of Peas & Carrots Int’l On Roadtrippp


/ October 11, 2013

LOUD chronicles the rise of Casey Veggie’s Peas & Carrots fashion endeavor on the first episode of Roadtrippp. Veggie’s is joined by his longtime friends and business partners Joshton Peas and Anwar Carrots to explain exactly how the brand went from a blog to a full fledged fashion label. Operating on valuable principles such as: live and grow, positivity, live and learn, the trio recently expanded their efforts to a boutique located on Fairfax ave. in Los Angeles. The cameras catch the Peas and Carrots crew during random moments and even includes raw footage of Casey rehearsing for his show in Houston. Check out part one (above) and part two (below) of LOUD’s new series Roadtripp featuring the Peas and Carrots collective.