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Flashback: What Was The First Rap Song Taylor Swift Memorized?

GIRL, UNINTERRUPED Sprouting beyond her country roots and into pop’s concentrated limelight, Taylor Swift is all grown up…


The Big Cosign: Why You Need To See Jasmine V Perform Live

With showtime looming Jasmine heads to the Best Buy Theater stage. Watch her rock the stage in this fiinal installment of her The Big…


The Big Cosign: Kendrick Lamar Drops Off A Gift For Jasmine V

Ever wonder what a rookie artist's face looks like when they find out Kendrick Lamar just gifted them some bars for their debut single? No?


Where Does Jasmine V Fit Among R&B Females’ New Wave?

Her beauty is undeniable but can Jasmine V really get busy in the booth? Bigger question: how will she stand out from the cluster of…


Premiere: Stream Bobby Shmurda’s Debut EP ‘Shmurda She Wrote’

So what you know about that Brooklyn boy? Bobby Shmurda dropped the most fire record this summer with "Hot Ni**a" (Drake's "0-100" was a photo-finish…


Why Does Mary J. Blige Sound Different?

Mary J. Blige was fearful. She’ll tell you. Scared to grow; hesitant to take her hip-hop and R&B audience into this new space that fascinated…


Why Does Mary J. Blige Sound Different? (Pg. 2)

"This record is extremely important to me right now because it’s something that I needed to do. As an artist I needed to take that…

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