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Journalist. Hampton University Alum.

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The First National Weed Commercial To Air [Video]

Marijuana Doctors, a company that connects medical approved patients with doctors, claims it will air the first marijuana commercial to air on a major…


Scarlett Johansson Expecting First Child With Fiance

Watch out Kerry--there's a new fabulous mommy-to-be in Hollywood. News reports confirm that our beloved beauty Scarlett Johansson is expecting a baby…


Vixen Vent: Do Black Blondes Have More Victory?

When you think of the most victorious black women in music, almost all of them have been blonde for an extensive period in…


Vixen’s 2014 Academy Awards Superlatives

Last night's Academy Awards became far more than anything expected. Led by Ellen DeGeneres, the Oscars embraced the age of selfies, greasy foods…


10 Best Moments From the 2014 Oscars

Last night’s Oscars were a refreshing turn from the  annual stuffiness it normally exudes. The tone immediately shifted the second our host of…


Couple Shows Us All The Amazing Things You Can Do With Potholes [Photos]

Two Montreal-based photographers recently gave a whole new meaning to potholes. How can we see potholes as merely anything but hazardous…


Katy Perry And John Mayer Call It Quits!

  Ah! So now the Katy Perry kissing Miley Cyrus antics all make sense! This isn't the first time we've seen…


8 Things You Should Stop Expecting From Others

  By rethinking your attitude and expectations towards others, you can start living a life filled with less stress. Here are a…


Erykah Badu’s Most Iconic Hair Moments

Who else can rock eccentricity like Ms. Erykah Badu? Over the years, the soulful songbird has embodied what it means to be…


Olivia Pope Goes Grocery Shopping in ‘Scandal’ Parody [Video]

As we wait with baited breath the return of Scandal, there's a hilarious new parody surfacing the net. We can't quite imagine the…

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