Nicole Breeden

Journalist. Hampton University Alum.

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How to Create a Fabulous Mother’s Day Brunch

If anyone deserves the royal treatment, it’s our moms. With just a few short days away, many of us may need to get…


#VVQOTD Answered: The Best Way to Avoid the Friend Zone

There is pretty much no hole darker than being cast into the friend zone. While you are silently falling in love, the object of your affection…


Vixen Chat: Kinky-Curly Founder Shares Natural Hair Tips for Spring

Maintaining healthy natural hair comes with seasonal responsibilities. Sadly, the hair care methods we use in the Winter, don't apply for the Spring and Summer. So…


#VVQOTD Answered: What Is Your Must-Have Spring Color?

Prepare to doll yourself up in electrifying colors with the utmost confidence this spring. Add red lips for oomph, despite the comments of A$AP Rocky.


Online Dating Isn’t the Worst Thing in the World

Remember the days when we confidently swore against ever resulting to online dating? We called it "pathetic" and were unwilling to break the…


7 Celebrity Ride-or-Die Couples

Today's most charming celebrity duos didn’t become 0h-so-perfect overnight. Overcoming the obstacles and hiccups that accompany fame and fortune, these couples have proven to be…


5 Ways to Create Your Own Spring Break

Spring break isn't only designed to cater to the hard-partying college students. Carve out your own downtime on a consistent basis. You may…


Why Friends With Benefits is Ruining the Dating World

It’s no surprise that traditional dating rules are as ancient as Betty White. Sadly, more and more women can’t recall the last time…


4 Unique Ways to Start a Normal Conversation

Initiating conversations can be a chilling and nerve-wrecking process. Dry mouths and silent stares accompany the worries of not knowing what exactly to say in…

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