Pervis Taylor, III

Life Coach Workshop Leader and author of the book Pervis Principles Volume One. For more information, visit

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Vixen Inspiration: Develop Lasting Relationships

Most of us see a smile and equate it with happiness. Others see rippling muscles as a sign of great physical health. Both…


Vixen Inspiration: Mentoring is The Best Way to Give Back

I know you've heard the phrase "give back" numerous times. But what exactly does it mean? There are many ways of…


Vixen Inspiration: Respond to Troubles With Positivity

Situations and circumstances beyond our control happen all the time, but what IS in our control is our response. Too often we (myself…


Vixen Inspiration: To Thine Own Self Be True

Have you ever found yourself in the position of trying to fit into a particular group? So many of us compromise who we…


Vixen Inspiration: Define Your Offline Life

The advent of social media is arguably one of the most revolutionary discoveries of the 21st Century. It has changed the landscape of…


Vixen Inspiration: Stay in Your Lane

Have you heard the phrase, "Stay in your Lane"? If you haven't, let me explain. It means to focus on your life and…


Vixen Inspiration: Are You Fresh for the Picking?

Sometimes I get really anxious about life. I tend to rush and try to make things happen because I have a personal timetable I must…


Vixen Inspiration: Take Ownership

At some point in our lives everyone will experience sorrow and tragedy. The reality is, if we live long enough we will experience…


Vixen Inspiration: What’s Your Motto?

If someone asked you what’s the slogan you live by, could you answer it? It’s important to have a life motto…


Vixen Inspiration: Become a Champion

Coaching has afforded me to meet individuals from different walks of life and I'm proud to say that all my clients are champions.

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