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Kids Will Get To Experience Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story” In The Form Of A Book

Once again, hip hop has proven to be a rich educational institution even for our little ones.


Cubans Can Now Access The Internet At Home

Cubans can finally enjoy surfing the web from their living rooms.


Dave Chappelle Thinks Jokes About Donald Trump Are Beginning To Lack Creativity

David Chappelle thinks Trump jokes just aren't good for comedy.


Gabourey Sidibe Discusses Weight Loss Surgery And Struggles With Mental Health In New Memoir

Gabourey Sidibe discusses her struggle with weight loss, her surgery and battles with mental health in her new memoir, This Is Just My Face: Try…


Man Receives Trophy From Pregnant Woman On The Subway For Offering His Seat

Does every good deed go unpunished? Not this one.


‘Scarface’ Actress Miriam Colón Passes Away At 80

Rest in paradise, Miriam, your legacy lives on.


Nike Creates A Hijab That Caters To Muslim Women In Sports

The design will officially make its debut in Spring 2018

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