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Jackie Cruz Breaks Down Why She Wants To Book “White Girl Roles”

"I don't have to only be limited to roles where I have to pretend to have an accent or cross the border."


Mexican Man Commits Suicide After Third U.S. Deportation

His latest attempt to cross the U.S. border was his last.


Watch Erykah Badu Perform “On & On” At A 1995 Open Mic

"I guess you just gotta take that first leap...huh?"


Statue Of Liberty Spotted With “Refugees Welcome” Sign

"Immigrants and refugees make this country great."


Huey Supreme Is Over Love In His “Never Fall” Video

The smooth vocalist and rapper pushes through the pain of heartbreak in his latest visual.


A Rare Opera On Cuba’s First National Hero Is En Route To Havana

Hatuey: Memory of Fire premieres on March 3.


Maluma Pledges Vina Del Mar Festival Paycheck To Fire Victims In Chile

"100 percent of my earnings in this Festival will take another route."


Track Over A Century Of U.S. Lynchings With This Interactive Map

Monroe Work Today remembers an estimated 4,770 victims between the 1830s and 1960s.


Brazilian Soccer Star Everton Luiz Tormented After Racist Verbal Attack

"I found myself in a cauldron of emotionless individuals who charged at me when they should have protected me."


Texas Judge Green-Lights Lawsuit Against Selena’s Widower

Diehard Selena fans will have to wait to see how this plays out in court.


Elementary Students Voice Their Concerns On Donald Trump This President’s Day

A fourth grade class courageously tackles everything from Trump's "Muslim Ban" to his proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States.


Karla Souza On Why Her Bilingual Rom-Com Is Important In The Face Of Trump’s America

The Mexican actress discusses challenging the Latino narrative in times of political discord.

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