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Nicki Minaj Confirms She And Nas Have Had A Sleepover Or Two…

Nothing to see here people. Just two REALLY attractive people having sleepovers.

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So Apparently The Internet Couldn’t Figure Out Why LL Cool J Was Trending

The legendary Queens MC is about fed up with these "meatballs" rappers.

Music News

Biggie Smalls’ Mural Will Remain On Brooklyn Building…For Now

Spread love it's the Brooklyn way.

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‘Feel Rich: Health Is The New Wealth’ Documentary Aims To Spread The Importance Of Healthy Eating

With appearances from Fat Joe, Common, Quincy Jones and others the forthcoming documentary chronicles hip-hop's shift towards healthy eating.


FBI Probing Murder Of Bowie University Student Is A Possible Hate Crime

Richard Collins III was slated to graduate from Bowie State University with a business degree this week, but was killed in what authorities believe is…

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Mo’Nique Takes To The Stage To Accuse Tyler Perry Of Flaunting His Financial Status

"See when he called us up and tried to be the billionaire I said 'N***a put Madea on the phone.' "


Aaron Hernandez Begged Prison Officials To Transfer Him In Newly Surfaced Letter

In a newly authenticated letter, Aaron Hernandez requested to be moved to a new cell block to "celly up" with a man he referred to as…

Music News

Let The Church Say Amen: Snoop Dogg Is Working On A Gospel Album

Why not, he's done everything else.


Byron McBride, 19, Identified As The Shooter Of 6-Year-Old Kingston Frazier

Little Kingston, who attended North Jackson Elementary  school, was slated to graduate from kindergarten later this month.

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Watch Tiny’s Mother Call Out T.I. For All The “Dirt” He’s Doing

"If you 'gon keep on doing your dirt as you're doing..."


Betty Shelby Found Not Guilty In The Shooting Death Of Terence Crutcher

During trial, the 43-year-old said she maintained her police training and that "Crutcher's death is his fault."


Chanel Is Selling A Boomerang For $1,325

Because duh, your last boomerang broke and now its time for a new one.


A Chicago Man Has Been Charged With Aggravated Battery For Punching A Female Security Guard

Through a representative, 23-year-old Matthew De Leon said "There are consequences he knows he has to face."


Howard University’s Class Of 2017 Swag Surfed At Their Ceremony Because…For The Culture

Why else would you swag surf if not for the culture and because you just earned a degree?

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