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This Has To Stop! First It Was Jeggings, Now It’s Junderpants

Someone thought it was a good idea to create Junderpants. The name speaks for itself. It's like a fashion Frankenstein of leggins, meets underwear meet…


Pardon The Introduction: R&B Newcomer Trevanté Is Coming For Justin Bieber’s Crown

Teen crooners are not created equal. Many are around to clog up the saturation, while few really own the glow and glory. Ladies er, girls meet…


Peep This: Lady Gaga’s Dildo Heels

This shock & roll chick never ceases to bewilder. Last night tweens across their nation caught their first wink of a walking penis. During her…


Rihanna Calls Fan A Bitch Over Nappy Hair Comment

If there's anything Rihanna wants us to permanently note about her it's that she's a fiesty little jezebel. The scarlet-tressed firecracker recently dropped the cover…


Peep This: Beyonce Shakes Her Body At Harlem School

In part of her 'Move Your Body' campaign, Beyonce appeared at ps school 161 in Harlem today. She greeted students and even did…


Celebrities Hit NYC For Fashion & Football

Hosted by The Fashion Reporter, the stars came out to play Monday evening in celebration of the upcoming NFL draft and Perry Ellis' 2011 Fall collection.


V-Exclusive: Toya Carter Talks Being Sick Of Weezy’s Name, Dream Wedding And Why Her Show Won’t Be Like Frankie & Neffe’s

Antonia Carter may own a last name worth over a milli, but that doesn't mean she's just another well-paid baby mama. The resplendent…


Sneak Peak at VH1’s ‘Single Ladies’ Produced by Queen Latifah

A cross between Girlfriends and Sex and the City, the new VH1 scripted series, Single Ladies will examine the lives of three friends all in different places i…

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