Unleashing rhythms that break the law, music producer Shamel “ShamTrax” Patten employs sonic weaponry of epic proportions revolutionizing the sound of today while probing listeners to reconsider the capacity for which they once heard before. A messenger of music, his is a production or rather a manifesto displaying an individual truth as ShamTrax makes the following declaration of his music, “Everything is natural. It’s built off of emotion. I come up with a melody and it expands, it pours”.

Born September 26, 1984 in Brooklyn, New York to a family consisting of his mother, father, and sister, ShamTrax was encouraged to explore his artistic capabilities in the field of music. Having a DJ/music producer for a father, ShamTrax grew up in sound production as he credits his father with informing the scope of his musical knowledge. “They did everything they were supposed to do by giving me their undivided support for my passion.” It was this foundation, in music and exploration, provided by ShamTrax’s parents that he was given the security to find his individual creative path in music production.

In September of 2010 it was announced that ShamTrax joined forces with the powerhouse production team The Soundkillers (with members REO, Phoenix, and Dion Primo) adding to their growing ammunition power in the music industry.
His skills have garnered the attention of such artists as Bow Wow, Chrisette Michelle, Jim Jones and Fabolous just to name a few, and his discography is quickly expanding.