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Confronting The Mirror That Is ‘Being Mary Jane’

Here's to hoping that in Season 4 of 'Being Mary Jane,' the leading lady will win in all the ways she wants to.


Why I Hate Troy Ave’s “Sex Tape” With A Passion

This "music video/sextape" is bad on so many levels.


Just Because I’m Black Doesn’t Mean I Have To Agree With You

It seems like all tunnels into black culture are clogged. What are we going to do about it?


Brock Turner, David Becker And The Other Deplorables Of 2016

VIBE takes a look at the so-called "frowned upon" but very acceptable culture of rape.


Get Well Soon, Mr. West: The Life Of A Dehumanized Yeezus

"Every now and then I crack you a smile for 2013, but I’m cracking you a frown for 2023."


Kehlani Poses A “Distraction” For Anyone Trying To Claim The R&B Throne With Her “Say My Name”-Inspired Video

With her Destiny's Child-nodding video for "Distraction," Kehlani is gunning for that true R&B throne.


Slept On HOV: Examining JAY Z’s ‘Kingdom Come’ Album 10 Years Later

VIBE looks back at Jay's often overlooked album


20 Years Of ‘Space Jam’: How Revisiting The Film Cemented Important Life Lessons

One VIBE writer rewatched the classic cartoon movie during her Jordan Year, and realized a lot of valuable lessons in doing so.


Opinion: The Unbelievable Reality Of Our Nation’s Most Controversial Election

Republican party, you created this. Now, brace yourselves for the next four years.


For Tidal Fans Who Have Considered Apple When Music Exclusives Aren’t Enough

It’s time to go back to the company’s mission statement and put the artist first.


Dear Lil Wayne: There’s Rich, And Then There’s Reality. Your Black Life Is Not Exempt

Lil Wayne, no matter how many white kids fund your lavish lifestyle, nothing changes the fact that you are a black man. You aren't above…


Lady Gaga Pens Heartfelt “Angel Down” In Memory Of Trayvon Martin

But, we don't quite know how to feel about this.
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